Photography: Curvy shadows

Even though objects in our world may seem like perfectly shaped objects or lines, sometimes their shadows tell us a different story. I noticed these contrasts on my way home and was happy to have this sensation that even though we try hard, nature can’t be controlled by man. Had to do this photograph!

Curvy shadows

Shot with the Fuji X100S
Edited in Lightroom, framed in Photoshop

Long exposure photography from Fuglsang Sø

I’ve been talking about it for more than a year, talking about trying out long exposures. And recently I finally managed to do a decent shot.
I had to try different exposures and shutter speeds before I got what I wanted, and even though the photo is pretty much standard, I find the result so interesting that I wanna try out more.

(Click for larger version)
Fuglsang Sø

Besides my tripod and my Fuji X100S, I used this Lee Seven5 starter kit kindly provided by Light Partner:

- attachment ring for the X100s
- filter holder
- Big stopper (10 ND filter)

For future long exposures I’m gonna need a cable release or a remote. At the moment the camera limits my long exposures to 30 seconds.

Fashion demo videos for NOTICE

In may I once again joined the team behind the new fashion brand Notice and filmed, as the photographers and model worked together.
The purpose of this trip and these demo was to demonstrate what kind of footage and video could be made from participating without really allocating time or money besides what was already allocated for the photoshoot.

I joined the photoshoot for approx. 8 hours and here’s what I ended up with:
Demo 1

Demo 2

Video is shot with my Canon 550D, a Döhr 10ND variable filter and a Samyang 85mm manually focused lens.
Tripod used.
Video Edited in After Effects, Twitch used.
Music edited in Audition.

Price for these demos: Working hours + $10 for music

Photography: Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life

Last time I posted a photograph I wrote about using running for letting out steam and a way of handling problems.
I ended up doing this picture of a man jogging through the wet streets of London at night time, and even though I’m very proud of the picture, I’ve always related it to darker subjects like “struggling”, “personal crisis” and “negativity”. But running is in fact a very positive thing for me, and I decided that I wanted to do a positive portrait of running too.

I’ve always had fun with my kids when it comes to running. Numerous times we’ve raced short distances on the streets just marking start and stop lines with chalk, and always approached these races with a positive attitude. Naturally it’s about winning, but it’s also about having fun, about fresh air and you know; sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life..

Anyway, when I wanted to do a positive portrait of running, I could not think of a better approach than the simple, carefree fun my kids have, when racing each other.
Deliberately I didn’t tell them about the idea, but going shopping one day, I knew that a part of our route was a good scene and had space for a race. So, while walking, the kids were interrupted blowing dandelions; I went a little ahead, and asked them to wait for my countdown and then run to me.

I was lucky, got both of them with a foot in the air and good expressions, both looking at me. The unnatural scenery and the casual clothes is just a way of underlining that running is fun and joy and not only about hard work and winning.

So, this is my second portrait of running – and the more positive portrait. It makes me happy, and it makes me cherish simple, but very valuable things in life. Hope you like it.

Check out the picture here.
(Click for larger version)
Camera: Fuji X100S
Development: Adjusted in Lightroom, framed in Photoshop

Photography: Keep on running

Been away for a while, have had a series of personal and family-related issues to deal with and it has left me without energy or passion for photography.
Luckily things are changing now, and I’m “Coming back to life” (also a title of an amazing track by Pink Floyd)

Only thing that has really kept me going for the last 2 months is exercising. Especially running. I find that running short distances very fast has 2 advantages:
1) Having to run extremely fast leaving you without the possibly to think and worry about the issues you face. So it’s like a really needed time-out
2) The hard exercise drains you for power and takes the top of your aggressions

So, running has been the best thing I’ve been doing for a while.
But, is this a running blog? And why this long explanation?

Well, for a while I’ve been shooting people training, naturally people running especially.
And I’ve tried turning my feelings for running into photography.
Recently I finally managed to nail my feelings for running, in a photo.

I was in London and walking the streets. After a day of showers the reflections in the night made the urban streets very attractive with light coming from everywhere. But even more attractive was this guy, fighting his ways through the wet dark streets. I was lucky, had almost the perfect settings already and extremely quickly I composed and got this shot of him, backlit and in motion. A final bonus was that I managed to take the shot when he was not touching the ground.

Check out the picture here, hope you like it
(Click for larger version)
Keep on running

Camera: Fuji X100S
Development: Adjusted in Lightroom, framed in Photoshop

Photography: London underground portrait

Close up portrait of my wife waiting at Notting Hill Gate in London

(Click for larger version)
Wonder what she's thinking

Edited in Lightroom, framed in Photoshop.
Shot with the Fuji X100S