Monochrome photography: Abandoned barn

Wanted to do a long exposure of this barn, but when I finally got a grip and decided to do a picture of it, everything was frozen.
To do this photograph, I was standing on the frozen pond. And actually, the thin ice carrying me broke! Of course.

Anyway, wanted to portrait the barn, and I managed to end up with this

(Click for larger version)
Abandoned barn

Shot with the Fuji X100S, edited in Lightroom, framed in Photoshop

Single item fashion film for BON’A PARTE

Single item fashion film

Created a video for BON’A PARTE – this is to be used in re-marketing and -targeting.
Working only with stills and with just a little bit of effects I tried creating the same atmosphere as in the previous videos created for this season.

Single item fashion film:

Graphics created in Photoshop, video created in After Effects.
Enjoy your day :)

Photography: Water by Morten T.

Remember this guy?
Well, from time to time he and I challenge each other with photography and recently the challenge was photographing water.

Seeing other people interpret the same subject is very awarding, but also seeing how other cameras and equipment perform is very useful. In this challenge Morten used a Olympus E-M5 camera with a KenLock Mc.tor MC 28mm f/2.8 lens and here’s what he came up with

(Click for larger version)
RAW Vand

Shot at ISO 800 what I really notice is that Morten has a lot more noise in his picture than I get in mine shooting with the Fuji X100S. Besides that, Morten did a nicely composed photo of water with attractive reflections and an eye-catching dot of red.

What should our next challenge be?

Photography: Moody January sky

Went researching for places to do my next long exposure, and found this nice spot in the southern part of town.
Love the skies.

(Click for larger version)
January sky

Shot with the Fuji X100S
Edited in Lightroom, framed in Photoshop

Photography: Girl on bike

2015 is here and what better way to set it off than by shooting a winner?
Love this photograph. It’s not perfect, but the girl is!

(Click for larger version)
Girl on bike

Shot with the Fuji X100S
Edited in Lightroom

Fashion films made from pictures for BON’A PARTE

Fashion video for BON'A PARTE

Once again I’ve had After Effects fired up and tried making videos of nothing but photographs and music.
Looking back on some of my earlier fashion videos, I’ve always created the look and feel of the video based on the music, but ths time, it was different. I had to use a track decided for me, and I could not go crazy when using effects like I’m used to.

Anyway, managed to do the videos anyway, and here’s what the 2 videos look like

Video 1 – focus articles

Video 2 – season key articles

Hope you like the videos.
Enjoy the day